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Good morning world.

This time I post in English as I participate in an English Challenge this month – the Take Control of your TBR . Don’t worry, the reviews will still be in German.

So, what is this about? Right now I’m in a reading slump and as my readers know, I’m trying to minimize my TBR (in German: SUB) this year anyways, so I’ll use this challenge to get me to reading as much as I can.
The rules are to read as much as possible in March, but only books with more than 100 pages that were published before March 2017 count.

There will also be a Twitter party and a Readathon but as they are in an American time zone if I saw it correctly, I don’t think I’ll attend them.


So … Have a nice day and be sure to check this post every now and then as I’ll update it every few days


Update March 7th:

Only two books done by now. I hoped I would be better but then again, two books are better than none, right?


Update March 11th:

Four books done. Not as good as I would like, but still good. And right now I’m reading a really good one.


Update March 16th:

Eight books. It was a good week. Though I’m not sure I’ll review the next book. I just got it out of an open bookcase and therefore it was never part of my TBR. It’s a bookcrossing book and I don’t want to put it on my TBR for a while either, as I’m a bookcrosser myself and I know how annoying it may be to never hear anything from your books ever again and I’m afraid I might forget it 😉


Update March 31st:

Guess that’s it. I’ve made it through 13 books (2.619 pages) . Plus the one that I read without ever putting it on my TBR pile, I held my average of 14 books per month. Not that shabby.

Thanks for a great month of reading and we’ll see each other again next year?


List of read books (Reviews are in German):

  • Title: Die heilige Johanna | Author: George Bernard Shaw | 159 pages | Review 
  • Title: Der Genitiv ist dem Streber sein Sex | Author: Markus Barth | 208 pages | Review
  • Title: Flauschangriff | Author: Ilona Schmidt | 304 pages | Review
  • Title: Der krumme Hund | Author: Roald Dahl | 128 pages | Review
  • Title: Überleben | Author: Peter David | 122 pages | Review
  • Title: Kein Alkohol für Fische unter 16 | Authors: Rainer Dresen, Anne Nina Schmid | 144 pages | Review
  • Title: Ein Buchladen zum Verlieben | Author: Katarina Bivald | 448 pages | Review 
  • Title: Regeln für einen Ritter | Author: Ethan Hawke | 192 pages | Review 
  • Title: Noch weniger Sex und ich wäre ein Pandabär | Author: Justin Halpern | 224 pages | Review
  • Title: Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan Photostory | Author: Richard Anobile | 160 pages | Review
  • Title: Die Entdeckung der Faulheit | Author: Corinne Maier | 156 pages | Review
  • Title: Vertragen Sie Ihren Arzt oder Apotheker? | Authors: Frederik Jötten, Jens Lubbadeh | 256 pages | Review
  • Title: Spock must die! | Author: James Blish | 118 pages | Review 


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