#Readathon 10/2019 Summary Post

And once again it is October, which means it’s time for another Dewey’s Readathon. Once again this means 24 hours – or in my case 25, as in Europa tonight is the change between summer and winter time – of reading, snacking and … how ever you call excessively using social media to stay in touch with readers worldwide.

So, this time I’ll make a summary post again, where I post all the challenge entries I submit – either directly or via embedded tweets. I’ll also try posting regular updates, but after 4 or 5 years of readathoning, I know I’m not thinking about updating once I’ve settled into reading and tweeting.

If any of my readers still wanna sign up to readathon as well, they can do so – I think until the very end. Just sign up here. All you need is a basic understanding of English and a few books.


Readathon Prep:

I’ve got lots of unhealthy snacks at the ready and I plan on making vegetable slices with garlic sauce to dip in later on. So close to Halloween one can’t have enough garlic to keep vampires at bay, right?



And while I usually don’t make book stacks for Readathon, this time I actually have a plan what I wanna read. The Doctor Who DYD is a must as in a few days the National Novel Writing Month is here – in which I’ll be writing a DYD. So, getting into this style of narrating is … well, research for my novel. I also have a few gardening books I need to ‚read‘ for research (what plants are the best if you want to colonize another planet), but as I won’t read them completely, I haven’t added them to the stack.

But this time I have at least 3 english books ‚on the menu‘, because … let’s be honest. If I read German authors, chances are slim that any other participant will know the book. And I like talking about books with people that actually read them.



Opening Survey: 

Title Name Challenge:

Six Word Story over at Estella’s Revenge:

A howl. Steps. Finally an adventure!


Hooves nearing. The dragon sighed exasperatedly.


Closing Survey:




2 h 23 min: Finally done with the last 20k words of a fanfiction I planned to finish before readathon. Now I’m tackling Doctor Who first, though I’m getting a light headache. There’ll never be a readathon during which I’ll be healthy.

3h 47 min: Doctor Who is done. Starting The Handmaid’s Tale now, but somehow I’m extremely tired. Might change plans and either switch to a german book (reading in my native language might be less draining?) or to an audio book – or to sleeping soon. But it’s not even 6pm, so … maybe a third coffee would be a better idea?

I don’t know which time it is, as we slipped from summer time to normal time this night. But I slept from 9h on till an hour ago, and before that I’ve read a german children’s book. Now back to Handmaid’s Tale. It’s going so slow. Too much description of mundane things – though I assume that’s to make the reader feel like Offred a bit, because she doesn’t have anything else.

7 minutes until the end: Have managed three books. I wish I could have managed botanical NaNo research, too, but 24 hours are only so long …

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