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Once again it’s time for a readathon. This time it’s Dewey’s again, so ‚only‘ 24 hours and this time I won’t even try reading the full time. Especially since I’ve already been up for 6 hours when it finally starts.

So like every year I will try to update every so often what I’m reading and how far along I am in the book. And although I will post the challenges either on Twitter/Instagram or on the Dewey’s Blog (or in a seperate post here, like the surveys), I will try to link up every challenge here.

So, off we go 😉



  • All day Challenge
  • Opening Survey
  • Traveler’s Log:
    „Currently I am riding a unicorn with a fallen star girl through fairyland, but next stop will be the Deepwoods where I might join the air pirates, depending on how much they offer me for my assistance. „
  • Books and Beverages:


  • Readathon memories:
    „The thing is: I don’t remember my first two readathons. When I had to move my blog to a new domain, I lost half of my posts, so I can’t find what I read back then.
    I can only say, last readathon (spring 2017) my fav was: Planet of Judgment (a Star Trek novel, and yes, Judgment … I always thought it would have to be jugdement, but … well, I’m not a native speaker).BUT I try to find my other two favs via Goodreads-stats. I can’t promise I read this ones during readathon and not a few hours before or afterwards, but at least they have been read on the readathon days.October 2016: Der goldene Machtkristall (The golden crystal of power) by Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg
    April 2016: The Fault in our Stars by John Green „
  • #Readmorewomen:

  • Decades of Reading:
    For me it’d be1990s: Animals of the Farthing Wood. (Don’t know if that’s the official english title. In German it’s called ‚Als die Tiere den Wald verließen‘.) By Colin Dann.
    2000s: Harry Potter.
    2010s: Mara und der Feuerbringer by Tommy Krappweis. Brought me back to loving books after graduating highschool.




– 0:30: Half an hour until the start, summary post stands, let’s do this. I’ll start with finishing Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I’m on page 103.

2 hours 9 minutes: Not that good, I’ve only read 44 pages by now. But it took a LONG time to find the books for the rec task.

16 hours: This year really isn’t that good. I’m always saying this, but having a bit of a flu it’s hard to keep concentrated. When not feeling well I usually prefer television as that does not need a functioning brain. Anyways, 6am, I’m up and I’ll finally dive into my second book, Beyond the Deepwoods by Stewart/Riddell. Only made it to page 21 yesterday.

21 hours 52 minutes: I give up. I just can’t concentrate today. I will lay down and watch stupid stuff on TV to make me feel less stupid with my nonfunctioning brain. 😉  Have fun, you all, and read a little for me, as well.

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  1. Hi! I’m participating in the Goodreads cheerleading challenge this hour, so I’m here to cheer you on!

    I love Neil Gaiman! I hope you’re having fun!

    Here’s a little cheer to keep you motivated:

    Read, read read!!
    Just push on through it!
    You’re nearly halfway there.
    I know you can do it!


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