#24in48 July 2018 edition – Summary Post

Aaaaand it’s Readathon again. Thanks to RikeRandom as a motivating factor I decided to once again sign up.

So again, I’m here, writing English, at now almost 7 am, and about to start into up to now 47 hours of reading. (Let’s be honest, I’ll probably won’t make it past 15 hours, but that’s okay.)

So here you’ll find the summary of my challenge answers as well as my reading status, whenever I find the time and the brain to update it. And now, off into battle … err, book. 


Hour 6: Since it’s the beginning of the readathon, we want you to flip to the beginning of the books on your 24in48 TBR stack and share the best first line with us in the form below.

Hour 12: For this challenge, share a book that has expanded your worldview or changed the way you look at something, whether it’s another culture, gender, race, a new concept, social justice issues…the possibilities are endless.

Hour 30: We wanna know what your favorite, under-the-radar book.
You know what we mean. That book no one ever talks about that was one of the best reading experiences of your life. That book you think about when people ask what your favorite book is, and it’s too personal or too sad or too moving or too important to you to share. Alternatively, this prompt also covers that book that is under-the-radar that you wish more people knew about so you could finally have someone to obsess about it with. <- I'm taking the latter.

Hour 36: Childhood books


Reading status:

  • 6.56 am German local time, reading time (apart from one fanfiction to wake me up): 0h 0m.  About to make the Starting Survey and then finally off into book. Kotzwinkle’s  Bear went over a mountain wants to be finished.
  • 9.18 am German local time, reading time: 2h 7m. Only 90 pages so far, but I started with a huge headache that felt like it tried to crush my eyeball, and now it’s getting better. So maybe I’ll get faster, too. Looking forward to the afternoon when more books are supposed to come (book post <3), because then I’ll have some faster and easier books again. Lots of children’s books I might be reading this readathon. In any case I’m looking forward to finishing Kotzwinkle because while the book is extremely intelligently written, the emotions I have to cope with while reading are turning this book into hard work.
  • 12.11 pm, reading time: 4h 13m. I’ve finished the first book an hour ago and now I’m reading a German book about a ghost finding his soulmate. (Bit like a novel I’m writing myself, but thankfully different in all the right ways to make my book a work of its own.) Liking it so far, even though it has some … not so perfect lines.
  • 6.31 pm, reading time: 10h 9m. Book two is done and now I’m turning to light literature – children’s books. Also to Buffy on TV in about an hour … although I have the DVDs. Don’t ask me why. But seeing Giles is somehow an obligatory date for me. Hey, he’s librarian, so he’s … kinda readathon-esk, too, isn’t he? 😉
  • 7.39 am, reading time: 11h 32m. HELL, I’m tired. But I could really do it. I could make it to 24 hours. Anyway, missed the 18 Hours challenge (probably for the best as my nightstand is a confusing mixture of books, DVDs and food, and now I’m continuing book 3. Hopefully I’ll get 4 full books done this readathon. But MIGHT switch to Fanfiction later on.
  • 12.14 pm, reading time: 16h 1m. Still tired. But book 3 is done and I’m 1 1/2 hours further along in my audio book. Now reading with my eyes again, but I decided against dystopia and for Neil Gaiman.
  • 6.14 pm, reading time: 21h 59m. I love audio books. This way I didn’t miss more than a few seconds of reading time. Also I finished book 4 and am 50 pages into book 5. With the audio book and the current read I might finish 6 books now. I am astonished. And tired. 😀
  • 9.13 pm, reading time: 24h 49m. Aaaaaand, I’m done. I’ve read 5 books and listened to one audio book. Okay, the audio book and 2 of the five books were ‚currently reading’s before readathon even started, but anyway.

    I’ve hear 6 hours of audio book and read about 1013 pages. And this time I even won a prize! Yay. For the first time in my readathon history. But to be honest, I don’t even care THAT much about the prize. I read more this weekend than in June in total. I’m back! Yay! And also I’m very, very tired and sleep-deprived, so nightynight now.

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  1. Das finde ich wirklich unglaublich. Dass das Hörbuch gut geholfen hat, glaube ich, aber ich hätte weder die Konzentration, noch die Lust, so lange zu lernen und wäre insgesamt wahrscheinlich nur auf höchstens 10 Stunden gekommen. Ich hätte es gern herausgefunden, aber ich schreibe nächste Woche noch Klausuren und finde so schon immer genug Gründe, nicht zu lernen, da passte mir das leider schlecht. Hoffentlich dann nächstes Mal! (ich glaube das habe ich letztes Mal auch schon kommentiert)


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